IPA Cross-Border Programme BULGARIA - FYROM
CCI Number 2007CB16IPO0007

PROJECT:Promotion of rural and mountain tourism through the use of ICT and ISO consultation between Bulgaria and FYROM

About the Project: FRESH.AIR 2

The strategy of the new project proposal is to capitalize on the experiences acquired from the previous project and to take the necessary actions so as to promote entrepreneurship and tourism in the two regions through the use of Information and Communication Technologies and ISO consultation. The reinforcement of actions, related to the promotion of competitiveness and further growth in cross-border entrepreneurial activity will have a multiplier effect on further development of the region’s economic structure. Further improvement in the cross-border tourism sector is essential to strengthen the region’s position and enhance the overall economic and social development of the cross-border and broader region.

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Tourist business motivational center

In this section of the prioject's platformusers of the site can ask questions regarding all tourist and economic issues and the motivator will answer. Go to consult center →

Travel Guide

Travel guide

This is Travel guide, a part of the project's site www.freshair-ipa, project: FRESH AIR. Here you can find information about: Municipalityies and towns in the project area and more... Go to Travel Guide →

Old Project's site Fresh Air

Old Project's site Fresh air

This is an information site on the project "Promotion of rural and mountain tourism between Bulgaria and Macedonia - FRESH AIR". Go to old version →

Goto Old mobile Fresh Air

Go to old mobile Fresh air

It's mobile version of project's site "Promotion of rural and mountain tourism between Bulgaria and Macedonia - FRESH AIR" Go to old mobile Fresh air →


Newspaper the frame of the project

Here you can find information about all issues of tourist bulletin, published in the frame of the project FRESH.AIR 2 Read more →

Project's Activities

Virtual fair

It's paltform organizated as virtual fair, content information about SME's have token a part in workshops / fairs, organizated in the frame of the project FRESH.AIR 2 Read more →

Project's FORUM

In the frame of that project's platform there is a forum, allows the users to comunicate between them. The official language of the forum is english. For your registration you have to fill the form and validate oyr registration by e-mail. More information about that, can find in the forum section.

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